Dr. Dalia El-Ani (Attached here C.V.), the founder, CEO and chief scientist of CRISPR  STEM & THERAPEUTICS LTD, began her research that is the basis of the company, and received funding from the Israel Innovation Authority (Tnufa program) for the feasibility study that showed the cardio-protective effect of murine CRISPR on acute ischemic heart in LAD model mice, and submitted a provisional patent and PCT: “Methods of Treating an Ischemic disease” (by Erlich and Fenster Patent & Trademark Attorneys, Israel.

Dr. Dalia El-Ani has more than 25 years’ experience leading research projects in cardiovascular and neuronal science. She received the Dean’s award from Bar-Ilan University (1995) for Outstanding Research Students for achievements in studies for her PhD in Cell Biology and Pharmacology where her thesis focused on the “Characterization of A1 adenosine receptors in heart cultures”. She earned her BSc and MSc from The Faculty of Life Sciences at Tel Aviv University. During her Post-Doc at the Weizmann Institute (Biological Chemistry Department 2000-1), she received the Postdoctoral Fellowship Program award of Fienberg graduate school for her work at the Prof David Wallach’s Lab, the “Characterization and regulation of TNF-induced genes in the heart”. Dr. El-Ani has experience both as the head of a hospital laboratory (Head of Cardiovascular and Hypertension Research Laboratory at E. Wolfson Medical Center, Holon and Tel-Aviv University) and as a Senior Scientist and the Head of Tissue Culture at the startup company NVR (Neuronal and Vascular Reconstruction) Labs Inc. Ness- Ziona, Israel. Dr. El-Ani also headed the Cardiovascular and Genetic Laboratory, Heart Institute, Sheba Medical Tel Hashomer, Israel. Dr Dalia El-Ani has published more than 50 articles and abstracts.