is an Israeli-based private company, established in 2018.
Our Vision
Develop an innovative gene and cell therapy for acute myocardial ischemia following acute heart attack to save millions of patients.
Our Mission
Add a cardio-protective treatment to the standard of care. The aim of the current project is to prevent or to restrict cardiac scar tissue following acute heart attack and thus to reduce the incidence of heart failure (HF).
Our treatment will be used frequently so as stents are used in emergency at hospitals.

About Us

Dr Dalia El-Ani, PhD.  Founder, CEO and Chief scientist. She has a PhD and Post Dr. in the ischemic heart and over 25 years of experience leading research in cardiovascular disease at Wolfson & Sheba Medical Center, Industry & Bar Ilan University. 
Dr David Kain, PhD. Experts in in-vivo animal cardiac models and imaging. Cardio scientific consultant at Weizmann Institute

Reuven Ulmansky, CFO & VP Business Development. 20 Y+ C-level executive Aerospace Industries Intl Israel & Koor Industries’ Medical division 
Dr Raziel Hamami, PhD. Experts in Tissue engineering. Stem Cell Therapy for ischemic heart
Dr Ronald Ellis, Business consultant. 35Y+ of line and senior R&D management experience (Merck, Astra, Shire, FutuRx).

Prof Reuven Zimlichman, 30+ years Chief departments of Medicine & Head of Hypertension Institute at E. Wolfson Medical Center, Israel.  Director of Cardiovascular Research Institute, Tel Aviv University. 

CRISPR STEM & THERAPEUTICS Ltd. is developing a market disruptive cell therapy treatment based on autologous (self) Stem Cells that also genetically modified by Crispr technology. 
Results and Development Plan
CRISPR STEM & THERAPEUTICS Ltd. treatment decrease the infarct size following acute ischemic heart attack (IHD) and thus decrease the probability of Chronic Heart Failure (CHF) and IHD.

1. Preclinical work was conducted on mice. A feasibility study in LAD ischemic heart mice showed promising results, a dramatic reduction of infarct size, 57% in Depth and 18% in Width. 

2. The plan is to finish the pre-clinical stage by validating the treatment safety in Human model & clinical trials. 

Disease and Unmet Need
Acute myocardial ischemia causes the death of cardiac cells and begins the process of scar tissue formation that inhibits cardiac function and can lead to Chronic Heart Failure (CHF) and to death.
The prognosis of CHF patients remains poor, with a 5-year survival rate of ~50% and a 10-year survival of only ~10%. The current conventional available treatments (pharmacological, surgical, or interventional) do not address the crucial issue of cardiac cell remodelling that leads to scar tissue following acute myocardial ischemia.

CRISPR STEM & THERAPEUTICS Ltd. received the recognition from Israeli Innovation Authority (Tnufa funding) and from European Commission with 2 Seals of Excellence.

Intellectual Property Right (IPR) and legal framework:

PCT Patent entered 2021 the international phase (USA; Europe; China & Hong Kong; Israel).

Funding Requirements: 

CRISPR STEM & THERAPEUTICS Ltd. is looking for investors and partners to complete the pre-clinical and development plan



Dalia El-Ani, PhD
Founder & CEO,