Crispr Stem & Therapeutics Ltd is an Israel-based startup company that developing a patented Cardio-Protective CRISPR-based stem cell protocol to restrict the damage to the heart following acute heart attack and chronic heart failure.

Our technology will be used to genetically modify by CRISPR the patient’s own stem cells, which are then treated by Crispr Stem & Therapeutics Ltd protocol and then implanted to the acute ischemic heart’s patient.

Our protocol was tested in several proofs of concept experiments both in vitro and in vivo in animal models and had shown dramatically decreased damage to the heart.

Crispr Stem & Therapeutics Ltd has a unique value proposition, since our protocol will increase patient’s life expectancy and quality of life and enable Quick recovery – its shorter hospitalization and there is no risk of rejection.

Our vision that our product will be used frequently so as stents in the emergency at hospitals.

Crispr Stem & Therapeutics Ltd is looking for investors to complete the pre-clinical phase and GMP protocol (kit). 

For further talk and information please contact us.